• I have visited 8 Chiropractic Doctors throughout my life and Dr. Buncke was by far the best of them all. Throughout my treatment, he was knowledgeable and excelled in all facets of his profession. If I had not moved, I would still be a patient today. One cannot choose a better Chiropractor period. Highly Recommended!!–SM

  • Prior to seeing Dr. Buncke, I had been suffering with some severe neck pain for close to a year. I could not turn my head to the left, even a little bit, without it hurting a great deal. I had been assuming that at some point the pain would go away, but it actually kept just getting worse. I went to Dr. Buncke for a series of treatments, and the pain is now gone. In addition to performing a very thorough and informative initial assessment, he used a variety of treatments and exercises to treat my condition. I'm extremely thankful to have regained complete motion of my head and neck. There is no doubt in my mind that without Dr. Buncke's treatment, I'd still be living with that neck pain.–PB

  • “I called upon Dr. Buncke to help me ensure my back was in great shape as well as to prepare me for an exercise program and activities that could be taxing on my back. He has been a wonderful doctor to me. It’s like visiting with a friend who has an expertise unlike any other. I am pleased to have him as a part of my health team.” –LS

New Patients

When scheduling your first visit the staff will direct patients to our website so they may fill out the required patient information and privacy statements.  Your initial exam and consultation will last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.  Some form of treatment may or may not be preformed on the first visit.  If you have X-rays, MRI’s or laboratory exams that were already preformed we ask that you bring them to your first visit so Dr. Buncke may review them.  If after your initial exam Dr. Buncke deems it necessary for X-Rays or laboratory work (i.e. blood draws) our staff will help you make an appointment with a local outpatient-testing center.  West Hills Imaging center and Heritage Valley Thorn Run Road facility are within a 5 minute drive from our office.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of West Hills Chiropractic Group, LLC is to provide the most comprehensive Chiropractic and Musculoskeletal care in the Pittsburgh area. Using a combination of evidence-based medicine, functional assessment, Chiropractic manipulation, rehabilitation techniques, and nutritional supplementation, the staff of West Hills Chiropractic Group is able to achieve results that allow our patients to live pain-free lifestyles. Our main goal is to treat our patients, not just their symptoms, and help them get back to the activities that they enjoy.